2018 – 2019 Title 1 Parent Meeting


Dear Parents:

You are Cordially Invited to Attend

Harmony School of Excellence – El Paso

2018 – 2019 Title I Parent Meeting

Thursday, September 27, 2018

4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Harmony School of Excellence – El Paso

Goal/Purpose:  Overview of Title I Regulations and overview, Review Written Parent Involvement (PI) Policy and the School-Parent Compact

Agenda Items:

  1. Title I Program Presentation
  2. Review and evaluate last year’s PI Policy and School-Parent Compact
  3. Jointly develop PI Policy and Compact for the current year
  4. Comments, Q&A

2018 STAAR Test Results

2018 STAAR Test Results: Every Campus Received a "Met Standard" Rating | The Seven Harmony Districts Received six "A"s and one "B" Rating.

Every Campus Received a “Met Standard” Rating!

The Seven Harmony Districts Received six “A”s and one “B” Rating:

Harmony Public Schools Recognized By TEA as Best in Class





Introduction Letter from Our New Principal

Harmony Science Academy - El Paso Logo

Dear HSA El Paso Community,
I am very humbled and honored to introduce myself as the new principal of Harmony Science Academy El Paso and to join this excellent school community. I can assure you that I share in this school community’s dedication to caring for our students every day while providing them with a meaningful learning environment.


I arrive at HSA El Paso as a seasoned Harmonian and the new principal. Although I am an educator, I am also a father and husband. In August, my son Fatih joins Harmony community in HSE for the first time as a Kindergartener in our District. My three-year-old son, Emir, will be in “Mommy School” learning the valuable lessons of life from the best teacher I have ever met, my wife, Tugba. I am looking forward to introducing my family to the amazing people that consider HSA El Paso “home.”


The 2018-2019 school year will mark my 13th year in education. I have served as the high school counselor in HSA El Paso from 2009 to 2015, and as the alumni relations coordinator from 2012 to 2015. I also have been teaching engineering and computer science since I began my teaching career twelve years ago. Over the year of 2015, I have assumed the roles of the director of college counseling and alumni relations for the district. Most recently, I was the Director of Academics (9-12) in our school district for two years. I am also an AP Reader. Besides, I mentored and coached robotics teams between 2009 and 2013. I also have been tutoring and sponsoring the school’s UIL computer science team since 2011. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from the Gebze Institute of Technology and a Master of Education Degree as an Instructional Specialist from the University of Texas at El Paso. I received the Adult Mentor/Coach Award in Tri-State FLL Robotics Tournament in 2011, the NCWIT Educator Award in 2012 and the WeTeach_CS Change Maker Award in 2017. I am the founder of Harmony El Paso Alumni Association and Harmony Miners Organization.


I firmly believe that every child can exceed and that the cooperation between home and school builds trust and self-esteem in students. So our students can use their highest potential to shape their future, consequently, the future of our community and our nation. With my goal of advancing the culture of excellence here at HSA El Paso, I am devoted to continually exploring new ideas to meet the needs of all students and to interact with parents and community members more efficiently. We will be meeting as the staff, and with parents and students throughout the year to identify specific goals in the areas of student achievement, school climate, and parent communication.


To our students, I cannot wait to see you all! I hope that you are excited for this coming school year. It is going to be a meaningful and fun year. We will be learning together to achieve the highest accomplishments. If you are nearby the school at all for the remaining of summer, please stop by and say hello!


To conclude, please remember that my door is always open to you. I sincerely welcome your conversation and input during this year. Let us keep our students the primary focus of our work. I can’t wait to celebrate our collective successes during the 2018-2019 school year.


Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

Mucahit Ismail Turel, M.Ed., Principal




Short Sleeve Shirts with HPS Logo:
1-2 shirts per family: $15 each
3-5 shirts per family: $12 each
6+ shirts per family: $10 each
Uniform Cardigan Sweater:
$25 each
Uniform Fleece Jacket:
$20 each
**Purchase in the high school front office**
Harmony Science Academy | 9405 Betel Dr., El Paso, TX 79907 | P:915-859-4620

New Student Orientation

6th and 7th Grades: 8 am to 12 pm  Friday, August 3, 2018

8th and 9th Grades: 1 pm to 4 pm  Friday, August 3, 2018

10th, 11th, and 12th Grades: 8 am to 12 pm Saturday, August 4, 2018

Middle School Volleyball Tryout 2018

Middle School Volleyball Tryout 2018: Tryouts start:  July 23nd-27th, 2018  from 9am-11am in HSA Gym.

Available to grades: 6th-8th



WATER EXTRAVAGANZA: Join us for some great water fun the last day of school.
Time: 12:30 pm—2:30 pm after dismissal.
Location: outside High School cafeteria
Fee: $5 activity bracelet lets you play all the games as many times as you want.
Food: sold separately. You can purchase tickets in the lobby. There will be hot dogs,
hamburgers, nachos, gyro,
discada, ice cream, and much more!
Games: dunk tank, jumping balloon, water guns, water balloons, and much more!
Bring your family and have everyone join in on the fun! If you have ideas for any water games talk to one of your teachers and work together to make it happen.
Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes!

Attention Students

Attention Students!!!

Lockers have to be cleared out by Thursday, May 24th, 2018. Anything left behind will be discarded immediately.
On Friday, May 25th, no backpacks are allowed at school for any reason.
Join us for our 1st Annual Water Extravaganza on Friday 5/25 right after dismissal from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm! Food + Water Games = Tons of Fun


We are 1st High School In El Paso 6 years in a row. Also we did really great in Texas and in the nation by US News Rankings. This would not be possible without the efforts of our dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators. Thank you all for going above and beyond to support and give the best education to our students. Great job!

May 2018 STAAR/EOC/ AP Exam Schedule

May 2018 STAAR/EOC/ AP Exam Schedule


Come out and see what the world has to offer.
This event will have bounce houses, sumo wrestlers, dunk the teachers, as well as demonstrations from various countries around the world.
The food will be provided by students and teachers. 1 ticker will be $1. You will buy foods and drinks with tickets. Our front office ladies will be selling the tickets at the front office. We will have Discada, Gyro(Doner), Drinks, Cakes, Baklava, Honey Cake, and many more foods and drinks. You will have a wonderful family time while enjoying food, music, dance, singing, arts and crafts as well as learn more about more than 60 countries cultures from our students.

2018 AP Exam fees. Deadline March 30!


!!!Attention all AP students!!!

AP Exam Fees
Official Collegeboard AP Exam fee: $94 per test Harmony Science Academy – El Paso fee for Free/ Reduced Lunch students: $15 – 1 Exam, $30 – 2 Exams, $40 – 3 exams, $50 – 4 exams, $55 – 5 exams, $60 – 6 exams Harmony Science Academy – El Paso fee for Paid Lunch students: $20 – 1 Exam, $40 – 2 Exams, $55 – 3 exams, $65 – 4 exams, $75 – 5 exams, $85 – 6 exams Make the payments to the front desk by Friday, March 30, 2018 4:00pm.
Please tell the front desk personnel for which AP subjects you are paying specifically and please let them know if you are not planning to take the AP Exam for certain subjects.
As a school administration, we highly encourage all students to take the AP Exam for the subjects you feel/know you can perform well.
If you think you will not perform well on a certain test, it is still your right to take it and see how you perform, however you can also not take the test for that subject.
Financial obstacles should not be a reason for not taking an AP Exam. Remember that the $15 or $20 that you pay can save you thousands of dollars in college if you pass the test. If you can’t pay the test fee by March 30, please talk to Mr. Davletshin (Mr. D) about a possible extension of a payment deadline.

HSA Middle School Basketball Team had a very successful first season.

HSA Middle School Basketball Team had a very successful first season. Our record was 11 wins with 2 losses.

Middle School Basketball Team Won 3rd Place

Middle School Basketball Team defeated St. Marks for 3rd place at the SWCAA Basketball Tournament.

Open enrollment begins soon for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!

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