A partir del 2 de noviembre, las Escuelas Públicas de Harmony ofrecerán comidas gratuitas para todos los niños menores de 18 años. Los estudiantes menores de 21 años que están actualmente inscritos en una escuela y están identificados como discapacitados mental o físicamente también son elegibles. El desayuno y el almuerzo gratuitos estarán disponibles todos los días para los estudiantes que asisten a clases en la escuela. 

Para los estudiantes a distancia de Harmony Science Academy y Harmony School of Excellence, habrá comidas disponibles para recoger en Harmony School of of Excellence (9435 Betel Dr.) los:

  • lunes por la mañana de 7:30 a 9:00 am
  • Viernes por la tarde de 3:00 a 4:00 pm

Distribución de comidas está abierto a nuestros estudiantes, sus hermanos y la comunidad.

Los padres que deseen recoger comidas sin niños presentes deberán presentar uno de los siguientes para verificar la tutela:

  • Individuale boletas de calificaciones de los estudiantes
  • Registro de asistencia del portal de padres de un sitio web de la escuela
  • Acta de nacimiento
  • Carta oficial/correo electrónico de la instalación o la escuela que enumera los niños inscritos
  • Otro tarjetas de identificación oficiales (por ejemplo, identificaciones emitidas por un centro de cuidado infantil)

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con Jose Chavira 

jose.chavira@harmonytx.org or 915-307-4772

Asbestos Letter 2020-2021

Notificacion Annual de Ahera a Padres 2020

Dear Harmony Parents and Guardians,

Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, the current hospitalization rate of 32%, and the newly implemented Region 19 School Safe Zones, Harmony Public Schools – El Paso will not require 25% of students, that selected in person instruction, to return to campus on October 28th as previously communicated. In addition, teachers will continue to teach remotely.

We will however continue to offer learning centers for our students as needed. As a reminder, the learning centers, are a supervised “study hall” like setting where students complete their daily classwork remotely from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. If interested, please contact your campus for learning center availability.

For more information regarding the Region 19 School Systems COVID-19 on Campus Attendance plan, please visit www.esc19.net/Page/1564.

Thank you for your unwavering support. We will continue to keep you updated as new developments take place.


Kamil Yilmaz, M.Ed., M.S.
Area Superintendent- HPS West Texas District

Health Notice to parents

Good Afternoon Harmony Parent/Guardian,

Our child nutrition assistants will be available next week to assist you one on one with completing lunch applications. Join any time that is convenient for you on Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Please check your email for the zoom link.

Please see the attached PDF below that includes: 

  • Information to better understand the importance of submitting a lunch application

  • How to complete the lunch application in SchoolCafe

  • As well as a hard copy of the paper application

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Buenas tardes, padre / tutor de Harmony,

Nuestros asistentes de nutrición infantil estarán disponibles la próxima semana para ayudarlo individualmente a completar las solicitudes de almuerzo. Únase en cualquier momento que le resulte conveniente del lunes 26 de octubre al viernes 30 de octubre de 8:00 am a 5:00 pm.  Vea el enlace de zoom en su correo electronico.

Consulte el PDF adjunto a continuación que incluye: 

  • Información para comprender mejor la importancia de enviar una solicitud de almuerzo

  • Cómo completar la solicitud de almuerzo en SchoolCafe

  • Copia de la solicitud de almuerzo en papel

Gracias y tiene ¡Un maravilloso día!

Helpful Guides/Guías útiles

  • Why is it important to complete your lunch application

Lunch application FAQ sheet 2020.pdf 

Lunch applications FAQ sheet 2020 Spanish.pdf

  • Completing your application on SchoolCafe

Creating your School Cafe Account.pdf



  • Paper Applications

2020_2021_NSLP Eligibility Application.pdf

2020-2021 Spanish NSLP app.pdf

Harmony Science Academy is proud to announce that it has received a prestigious College Success Award from GreatSchools.org.
Launched in 2018, the College Success Award honors schools that excel in ensuring students prepare for college, enroll in college, and succeed once they get there. This year, Harmony Science Academy is among 2,158 award-winning schools from 29 states who have demonstrated a successful track record of graduating students who later enroll in two- or four-year college, are ready for college-level coursework, and persist on to their second year, according to available data from each state.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the physical and financial health of the nation, Harmony Science Academy is ensuring students graduate with the skills and resources to succeed as postsecondary scholars and productive citizens. College- and career-ready graduates are critical to fueling the U.S. economy, as 70 percent of jobs will require a postsecondary degree by 2027.
“In Harmony, we have been advocating for college access and success since our first graduating class in 2011,” said Principal Mr. Mucahit Turel. I have served to the mission of making sure our graduates go and finish college as a college counselor and alumni relations coordinator in the past. Now, as a school principal, I am thrilled and humbled to receive the 2020 College Success Award from GreatSchool.org for HSA El Paso. Helping our graduates access and complete college is aligned with our campus’s vision of educating our students to be lifelong learners.”
Despite the unprecedented disruptions to the educational landscape this year, Harmony Science Academy has adopted and upheld many best practices to support their students’ college preparation and success, including providing access to rigorous academic offerings both within school and through extracurricular programs.
“We applaud Harmony Science Academy for prioritizing high-quality public education, putting students on the path to bright futures,” said Jon Deane, CEO of GreatSchools.org. “Over the past year, students, parents, teachers, and communities have relied on one another like never before. We congratulate and thank all of these individuals at Harmony Science Academy for their unwavering pursuit of college success for all students.”

Distance Learning Update

What have you been doing to pass the time during quarantine? 

I have joined the military and begun to work out and find other hobbies

What are you doing to make the best out of your senior year? 

I am trying my best to make this feel like a normal year

How are you staying in touch with your classmates? 

I am staying in contact with my classmates through Instagram

How has virtual learning changed the way you study? 

It has made it easier to study

How have you prepared for the challenges you are facing this school year? 

I just take it one step at a time

Describe your workplace at home. 

My bedroom on my desk and no one bothers me often

What song has kept you motivated throughout quarantine? Why? 

Wonder wall by Oasis because its lyrics are telling the person to just keep going and to not stop

What are your hopes for after you graduate from high school? 

To join the navy

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? 

Do all your work and pass all your EOC’s

What are your top three university choices? 


Good Morning Harmony Parent/Guardian,

Please see the PDF attached in regards to lunch applications and household income verification forms .

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Lunch application and household income verification FAQ sheet 2020.pdf 

Buenos Días Padres/Tutores de Harmony,

Por favor, vea el PDF adjunto con respecto a las solicitudes de almuerzo y los formularios de verificación de ingresos del hogar.

Gracias y que tengas un día maravilloso!

Lunch application and household income verification FAQ sheet 2020 Spanish.pdf 





Please review the video below. The video shows how to create a Schoology Parent Account and communicate with teachers through the Schoology Message Center. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!!



Dear Harmony Parents and Guardians,

At Harmony Public Schools, providing our students and staff a safe and academically-focused learning environment is our highest priority.

As you are likely aware, COVID-19 continues to remain a strong and steady presence in our El Paso community. Earlier today, the City of El Paso announced that the number of active cases in our city has reached an all-time high following a steady upward trend throughout last week.  Therefore, due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in El Paso, and based upon recommendations from the City of El Paso Department of Public Health, we have requested a waiver from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) allowing an extension of remote-only learning until Wednesday, October 28th, with a phased in return to campus.  Therefore, campuses will not fully re-open on Tuesday, October 13th as previously stated.

The phase-in plan to allow students to safely return to campus is listed below.  Please note: campuses will inform parents regarding which grade levels will be allowed to return in each phase.

October 28– 25% of students that selected In-Person Learning will return to campus

November 2– 50% of students that selected In-Person Learning will return to campus

November 4– 75% of students that selected In-Person Learning will return to campus

November 6– 100% of students that selected In-Person Learning will return to campus


While our campuses won’t be fully re-opened until this date, we still have limited availability at each of our four campus learning centers.  As a reminder, the learning centers, are a supervised “study hall” like setting where students complete their daily classwork remotely from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  If interested, please contact your campus for learning center availability.

Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times, and for helping keep our students safe and focused on learning. We will continue to keep you updated as new developments take place.



Harmony Public Schools – El Paso




Estimados padres y tutores de Harmony:

En las Escuelas Públicas de Harmony, nuestra máxima prioridad es proporcionar a nuestros estudiantes y personal un entorno de aprendizaje seguro y centrado en lo académico.

Como probablemente sepa, COVID-19 continúa siendo una presencia fuerte y constante en nuestra comunidad de El Paso. Hoy temprano, la Ciudad de El Paso anunció que el número de casos activos en nuestra ciudad ha alcanzado un máximo histórico siguiendo una tendencia ascendente constante durante la semana pasada. Por lo tanto, debido al reciente aumento de casos de COVID-19 en El Paso, y según las recomendaciones del Departamento de Salud Pública de la Ciudad de El Paso, hemos solicitado una exención de la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA) que permite una extensión de solo aprendizaje hasta el miércoles 28 de octubre, con un regreso gradual al campus. Por lo tanto, los campus no volverán a abrir completamente el martes 13 de octubre como se indicó anteriormente.

El plan de incorporación para permitir que los estudiantes regresen con seguridad al campus se enumera a continuación. Tenga en cuenta: los campus informarán a los padres sobre qué niveles de grado se les permitirá regresar en cada fase.

28 de octubre: el 25% de los estudiantes que seleccionaron el aprendizaje en persona regresarán al campus

2 de noviembre El 50% de los estudiantes que seleccionaron el aprendizaje en persona regresarán al campus

4 de noviembre, el 75% de los estudiantes que seleccionaron el aprendizaje en persona regresarán al campus

6 de noviembre El 100% de los estudiantes que seleccionaron el aprendizaje en persona regresarán al campus

Si bien nuestros campus no se reabrirán por completo hasta esta fecha, todavía tenemos disponibilidad limitada en cada uno de nuestros cuatro centros de aprendizaje del campus. Como recordatorio, los centros de aprendizaje son un entorno supervisado como una “sala de estudio” donde los estudiantes completan su trabajo diario de clase de forma remota de 8 a.m. a 3 p.m. Si está interesado, comuníquese con su campus para conocer la disponibilidad del centro de aprendizaje.

Gracias por su continuo apoyo durante estos tiempos sin precedentes y por ayudar a mantener a nuestros estudiantes seguros y enfocados en el aprendizaje. Continuaremos manteniéndolo actualizado a medida que se produzcan nuevos desarrollos.



Escuelas Públicas Harmony – El Paso

Dear Parents,

At this time we advise you to please contact the phone numbers listed if any assistance is needed in the specific departments. We appreciate your cooperation.


Registrar                                         9155398060

Health aid                                       9155398125

Attendance                                     9155398076

Administration Assistant                 9155398119

Front Office General assistance      9155398120


Thank you.