Harmony Science Academy is proud to announce that it has received a prestigious College Success Award from GreatSchools.org.
Launched in 2018, the College Success Award honors schools that excel in ensuring students prepare for college, enroll in college, and succeed once they get there. This year, Harmony Science Academy is among 2,158 award-winning schools from 29 states who have demonstrated a successful track record of graduating students who later enroll in two- or four-year college, are ready for college-level coursework, and persist on to their second year, according to available data from each state.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the physical and financial health of the nation, Harmony Science Academy is ensuring students graduate with the skills and resources to succeed as postsecondary scholars and productive citizens. College- and career-ready graduates are critical to fueling the U.S. economy, as 70 percent of jobs will require a postsecondary degree by 2027.
“In Harmony, we have been advocating for college access and success since our first graduating class in 2011,” said Principal Mr. Mucahit Turel. I have served to the mission of making sure our graduates go and finish college as a college counselor and alumni relations coordinator in the past. Now, as a school principal, I am thrilled and humbled to receive the 2020 College Success Award from GreatSchool.org for HSA El Paso. Helping our graduates access and complete college is aligned with our campus’s vision of educating our students to be lifelong learners.”
Despite the unprecedented disruptions to the educational landscape this year, Harmony Science Academy has adopted and upheld many best practices to support their students’ college preparation and success, including providing access to rigorous academic offerings both within school and through extracurricular programs.
“We applaud Harmony Science Academy for prioritizing high-quality public education, putting students on the path to bright futures,” said Jon Deane, CEO of GreatSchools.org. “Over the past year, students, parents, teachers, and communities have relied on one another like never before. We congratulate and thank all of these individuals at Harmony Science Academy for their unwavering pursuit of college success for all students.”