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What have you been doing to pass the time during quarantine? 

What I have been doing to pass the time during quarantine was painting.

What are you doing to make the best out of your senior year?

What I’m doing to make the best out of my senior year is to volunteer on most of the things the school are planning this year.

How are you staying in touch with your classmates? 

I am staying in touch with my classmates, I usually text them to see how they are doing.

How has virtual learning changed the way you study? 

Virtual learning changed the way that I study by having to manage my time more and organize myself.

How have you prepared for the challenges you are facing this school year? 

The way I prepared for the challenges that I’m facing this school year is by looking for solutions that I can make and also asking for help from my teachers and parents.

Describe your workplace at home. 

My workplace is where I can be comfortable and able to concentrate.

What song has kept you motivated throughout quarantine? Why? 

A song that has kept me motivated throughout quarantine is “My Shot” by the Broadway musical Hamilton because I think is a very up beat song and it always makes me motivated.

What are your hopes for after you graduate from high school? 

My hope for after I graduate high school is to go to college.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? 

The advice that I would give to the incoming freshmen is to enjoy your high school years because time flies fast.

What are your top three university choices? 

My top three university choices are Texas Tech, UTEP, Southwest University.


Reading skills are foundational to educational success for all students.

Encouraging students to read more improves their skills and promotes a love of reading they can continue throughout their educational years and into adulthood.

That’s why Harmony Public Schools is hosting a fall Reading Challenge for all students in all campuses.

Join your classmates from across your campus and across the state from Monday, October 5, 2020 though Sunday, January 3, 2021 as together we show our love for reading and discover new and exciting ideas, authors, and stories through our favorite books.

Along the way, we’ll recognize our top readers and campuses each month, share favorite book picks, and ask for your reviews on some of your favorite reads.

The reading challenges by grade are:

Kindergarten – Grade 2
20 Books

Grade 3-5
10 Novels
3 Fiction
3 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
3 Student Choice

Grade 6-8
12 Novels
4 Fiction
4 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
3 Student Choice

Grade 9-12
14 Novels
5 Fiction
4 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
4 Student Choice

Share your favorite reads on social media by tagging Harmony and using the hashtag #HarmonyReads.

Dear Parents,
We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our School Phone System. As the technicians continue to work on the problem, we want to provide you with the following numbers to better address the needs of our students:
Registrar                                         9155398060
Health                                             9155398125
Attendance                                     9155398076
Administration Assistant:                9155398119
Front Office General assistance      9155398120

Thank you.

Dear Parents,
Please complete the survey for the upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences on September 18, 2020.
After completing the survey, If you are planning to see different teachers, please click on Submit another response in order to schedule another conference with another teacher. Repeat this process for all the teachers you want to visit.
Thank you.
Dear Parents,
It is our pleasure to welcome some students to campus. We are currently working to make this experience a success. As always, our goal is to provide a safe environment to our students and we are taking the necessary measures for this purpose.
While Distance Learning continues with teachers lecturing from home, our Learning Centers will provide an opportunity to students who may need technological support.
We will send a confirmation email today letting you know that your student has been accepted to attend the Learning Center Program. Take the time to print that confirmation in order to accelerate the verification process during the week. Be aware that students still need to enter the Zoom sessions for all their classes and that the Distance Learning Program does not replace Distance Learning.
Finally, read and understand the following guidelines provided by the Harmony Public Schools. Your support is very important  in the implementation of these guidelines.
Thank you.
Workbooks Distribution for All Grade Levels
September 11, 2020
Time: 9 am – 12 pm  &  1 pm – 5 pm
HSA – El Paso
9405 Betel Dr. El Paso, Texas 79907


Please see the attachments for an update regarding campus reopening.

Thank you.

HSA September 8 Parent Update Regarding Reopening

What have you been doing to pass the time during quarantine? 

It is crucial for a student to take advantage of their free time to prove to colleges they are willing to go above and beyond in getting ahead of others. Even in the midst of a pandemic, I have continued to keep myself busy and engaged by attending online academic conventions, National honor organization virtual conferences, Virtual college camps for the University of Texas at Austin, participating in virtual camps sponsored by NASA, as well as obtaining academic awards along the way.

What are you doing to make the best out of your senior year? 

Despite the current events, remaining optimistic is a major priority for me. I try my best to not bring down myself and others with our current situation. I plan and wish to be able to find ways to raise student morale and school spirit in the time we are in.

How are you staying in touch with your classmates? 

Social media and Imessage has been a great and valuable way in keeping touch with my peers. In the time of the quarantine, I have been closer to my classmates more than ever.

How has virtual learning changed the way you study? 

Virtual learning has changed the way I study by making all work and important study materials online.

How have you prepared for the challenges you are facing this school year? 

I have prepared myself mentally for any uprising challenges and I have made sure I have the necessary materials and guidance for the online learning period.

Describe your workplace at home. 

My workplace consists of a quiet room with an office desk and chair.

What song has kept you motivated throughout quarantine? Why? 

One song that has kept me motivated throughout the quarantine is Wondering by Olivia Rodrigo & Julia Lester because it is about overcoming any regret and being able to move forward stronger and braver than before.

What are your hopes for after you graduate from high school? 

I aspire to attend a four-year university that has a great engineering program as well as premed track because I plan on pursuing the biomedical engineering field. However, I also will be traveling all summer and make the most memories with friends and family before I go to college.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? 

One piece of advice I would give to an incoming freshman is do not underestimate time. Take advantage of being a freshman and do not be afraid of taking risks and making mistakes because that is vital for growth.

What are your top three university choices? 

My top three University choices are the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, and Baylor University.


In accordance with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students, Harmony Public Schools will begin taking referrals for kindergarten and newly- enrolled students in grades 1-12 for gifted and talented screening.  Anyone interested in the educational welfare of these students may refer them for assessment. Referral forms are available on the school’s website. Read more

Dear Harmony Families,

Creating a safe and academically-focused learning environment for our students and staff members is the top priority at Harmony Public Schools. After careful consideration, today we are announcing an extension of remote learning for your campus.

This extension will extend through at least Monday, September 14 and perhaps longer as Harmony continues to weigh guidelines from the Texas Education Agency and guidance from local and state health officials.

During this extension, campus and district leaders will continue to further evaluate the current and potential future impact of COVID-19 in our communities, as well as make final campus preparations based upon needs determined during our Learning Location selection period, which took place the past two weeks.

We understand that this extension may be a hardship for some families who opted to return to campus when possible. We assure you our campus and district staff are working tirelessly to make sure our campuses are ready for students as soon as in-person learning can safely and responsibly begin.

As a reminder, once students and staff return to campus, they will find a number of improvements and new wellness protocols designed to increase student and staff safety while retaining a fun, collaborative, and academically-focused campus culture.

Among these safety enhancements are:

  • Temperature screenings for students and staff.
  • Requiring all students and employees to wear a mask when on campus or in other group settings. (Students may bring their own mask, or the school will provide them.)
  • Limiting average class sizes to allow for social distancing. (Exact class size will be dependent on number of students attending in-person versus online-only.)
  • Spacing desks at least six feet apart to maintain proper social distancing and/or installing partitions where students cannot be kept six feet apart.
  • Severely limiting classroom rotations/switches to prevent the spread of germs across campus and to limit person-to-person exchanges.
  • Staggered drop off and pickup times to limit person-to-person exchanges.
  • Modified drop off and pickup procedures (ex. Students going directly to class after drop off and/or waiting in classroom at the end of the day until parent arrives for pickup).
  • Requesting all students wash hands frequently.
  • Detailed nightly cleaning by contracted company.
  • Required Coronavirus Awareness & Prevention trainings for all employees.


Additional details on these and other safety protocols can be found in Harmony Public Schools Back to School Playbook.

We are excited to open our doors to our students and staff hopefully very soon. Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback throughout the reopening process.


Harmony Public Schools

Please see message below from our meal service provider Revolution Foods.

Hello – we’re Revolution Foods, and we are the meal provider for your child this school year. Our entire team is proud to be working hard with your school and community organizations to ensure your child is well-nourished with the food they love during these challenging times.

Read on for more information about our meals and take-home distribution programs.

revolution foods

Schools across the U.S, including Harmony Science Academy- El Paso,  want to help bridge the technology gap and emphasize the importance of Computer Science for all.   With that being said, we are thrilled to announce that we are now offering an AP Computer Science Principles class, available to all sophomores.  This class will provide the basic computing knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for college and career.


The attached link is for any parents/students that are requesting course changes. Please fill out all the information in the attachment. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

Course change request form: https://forms.gle/afQ8vgqkbwsW6vJM7