Dear HSA Class of 2021 Students and Parents,


We will be having our Senior Picture Day on Saturday, February 27th from  9:00 am to  12:15 pm. Attached you will find the information for the packages that will be available to purchase from Hot Shots Studio.

Your participation for this event is mandatory even if you are not purchasing a package.  We will use these pictures for official school use, including the senior yearbook. For those students who will be purchasing a package,  please show up ready with your payment. Cash, credit card and money orders are all acceptable forms of payment. I would advise that you bring exact amounts if you are paying in cash.

Senior graduation picture day.png

Here are the instructions for Senior Picture Day.  Please read them carefully. 

1-Students should dress in black, formal attire.  The idea is to have your portrait taken with a formal black top. If you have any doubts on your choice of wardrobe please refer to the school dress code.

2-Please make your way to the HSA porch auditorium following the route on the attached map. Students will approach in their vehicle one by one according to the schedule. Parents or the driver are to remain in their vehicles. After the photo, the graduate and their parents/driver must leave the event. See attached map.

3- If you would like to take a picture with a cap and gown please bring your own. We will avoid any exchange of clothes in order to follow the safety guidelines.

4- We will follow all of the CDC guidelines throughout the day. Everyone must wear face masks at all times and may only remove masks for the prearranged photo.

5-Please make sure to arrive on time for your picture. We are under severe time constraints, please do not miss your assigned time slot.

Below you will find the student list and the map. Let us know if you have any questions.