What have you been doing to pass the time during quarantine? 

What I have been doing to pass the time during quarantine was painting.

What are you doing to make the best out of your senior year?

What I’m doing to make the best out of my senior year is to volunteer on most of the things the school are planning this year.

How are you staying in touch with your classmates? 

I am staying in touch with my classmates, I usually text them to see how they are doing.

How has virtual learning changed the way you study? 

Virtual learning changed the way that I study by having to manage my time more and organize myself.

How have you prepared for the challenges you are facing this school year? 

The way I prepared for the challenges that I’m facing this school year is by looking for solutions that I can make and also asking for help from my teachers and parents.

Describe your workplace at home. 

My workplace is where I can be comfortable and able to concentrate.

What song has kept you motivated throughout quarantine? Why? 

A song that has kept me motivated throughout quarantine is “My Shot” by the Broadway musical Hamilton because I think is a very up beat song and it always makes me motivated.

What are your hopes for after you graduate from high school? 

My hope for after I graduate high school is to go to college.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? 

The advice that I would give to the incoming freshmen is to enjoy your high school years because time flies fast.

What are your top three university choices? 

My top three university choices are Texas Tech, UTEP, Southwest University.